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Go to Your country of residence and, accordingly, the language of the interface should be automatically detected.

Screenshot 1 from the site

a screenshot of the site

Determined if PayPal country right or not, you can find the icon, flag that appears usually in the bottom right corner of the screen. Depending on the device on which you open the website (smartphone, tablet), the location of the flag on the screen may vary.

the Language is automatically set only for PayPal Russia (the Russian Federation). For Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus defaults to English, and it must be register in PayPal.


If PayPal have identified the incorrect country or you just want to change the interface language, click on the check box to open a list of countries and select accordingly.

the language Selection does not affect further registration of, the country of residence will be selected in the course of further registration separately.

Screenshot 3 from the site

Then on the website in the upper right corner click "Register".

On the next page you need to select the type of account. Available in a choice of two types:


  1. Personal account – private (individuals)
  2. Corporate – for companies (legal entities)

Selecting the account and clicking "Continue", you will be taken to the page where you will be asked:

to Answer the question: "What country do I indicate during registration?" is very simple. Specify the country, passport which you will be able to present if required verification. If your country closed receiving funds on PayPal or no possibility of registering, remember: any falsification of data in the company are extremely serious, able to easily identify these accounts and freeze them (together with related accounts). And, as a rule, with a credit balance, print that then it will be almost impossible. The owners of these accounts do not open new — they will also sooner or later closed.

the Issue of choice of the country of registration is very important, so we paid him so much attention. Our advice: if you open a PayPal account and your business model involves the receipt of funds from clients, but in your country it is impossible, remember that there are other quite legitimate ways. The most famous – this, of course, the American company, providing integrated payment solution, including PayPal and receiving. With her for many years, working thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

  • Choose your country. Here to take this very seriously! We repeat: according to the rules of PayPal user can have one account. The ability to change the country your account is missing, but when you move/change citizenship support recommends that you apply for the closure of the old account and open a new one — it will take 6-12 months. The fact that different countries PayPal provides different set of services, different tariffs, etc.
  • Enter email address (e-mail). Your recommendations for choice we have already given above. If you have at the moment no address, you must register it. Do not use someone else's address.

    the email Address is the identifier of your Paypal account, i.e. if someone asks for account details to transfer the funds, will be sufficient to provide email. Therefore, for convenience, it should be easy to read and, preferably, to be remembered. A sign of good taste : short, memorable address. Subsequently, the email can be changed.

  • the password and confirmation Password. A minimum of eight characters. Binding at least one digit and one character.

Personal details of the owner of the PayPal account

Form is quite simple and completing the problems should not arise. To enter information for PayPal in Russia should be in Russian, entering data in strict accordance with the passport (a Russian passport).

For residents of other countries the best option — enter the data in Latin letters (in English), focusing on the passport. The only advice that I can give you: if you already have an account on ebay, try to get registration data on PayPal and ebay is matched (e-mail, address, spelling of name, etc.).

Enter the information carefully. Please note that all items are mandatory. For example, we have introduced in the form of abstract data.

Name – Your Name (E.g. Jim)

middle name – Your first name (E.g. Petrovich)

last Name – Your Name (for Example Ivanov)

note that the form first comes the name, then last name and finally middle name.

date of birth   Select your date of birth that matches the passport.

Ethnicity / Nationality – choose their nationality. Or just leave the previously selected country.

Street / House / Apartment (Street Address) — specify the address that will be able to confirm. If PayPal have any doubts about the user, he is asked to provide proof of address copies of the documents which contain the name, surname and address (e.g. utility bills). The additional line in the form given in case the address does not fit in first. To the address service the address has no relation.

Region, district (Province / Region) – provide the requested information. For Russia, you simply enter RU, Ukraine — UA, for Kazakhstan-KZ, Lithuania-LT, etc.

postal code (Postal Code) – postcode (optional).

Locality (City) – your locality (city).

mobile phone Number (mobile). Carefully enter the mobile phone number, because it will be used when creating your account. The number is in the format: international country code, area code, telephone number (code of Russia — 7, Ukraine — 38). If the number is not accepted, you probably have put somewhere extra character, try to write it without spaces.


User agreement and privacy policy

take Down "conditions of Use" and "Privacy Policy" PayPal. Unable to see, but it's model legal documents, which are not very easy to read. Just check the box and click "Agree and create account" (Agree and create account).


Payment card

Now you will be prompted to enter card details, which will be used with PayPal. You can do that later and skip this step check – just close the window and log in to your account All subsequent steps can be performed there.

If your card has no funds (at least the equivalent of a few dollars), you should defer the entry of its details, as the system will not be able to authorize the card, which for a while blocked the sum of $1 and then returns. Residents of the Russian Federation, which can accept payments on your PayPal account, this amount will be immediately recorded in the balance sheet.


Room credit card – enter the number specified on the front side of your payment card. Without spaces.

data okonchanija sroka deystviya – this is the so-called "Expiration Date" – the validity of the card. The month and year. Provided on the front side of the card.

Code security   verification code (also known as CVC, CVV2). This is the last 3 digits on the reverse side of the card (for American Express-4 digits). If the numbers on the map there is no need to call the Bank which issued your card to find out it.


If Paypal is not received your payment card, do not hurry to get upset. First we should understand why the card is rejected: it can be a lot of reasons. You will help our article, in which we briefly try to understand the most likely options.


Verification e-mail addresses

If the card has been successfully authorized, you decide to enter it later, or even if it was rejected, the system will still ask you to perform the following step: confirm e-mail address that was specified in the registration form.

Check your email in email box, which is specified at registration. If there is an email from PayPal with the subject "Welcome to PayPal / PayPal Welcome to" find button "Activate / Activate" and click it.

You will be redirected to the PayPal website, where the confirmation will also need to enter selected when registering the password. Immediately you will be asked to come up with two secret question the answer to which must be entered, if ever you forget your password.

In case the link in the email doesn't work, go to your PayPal account and in the tab "Task List" select "Confirm email address".


Then on the next page in the "Step 2" select "Click this link if this button is in the body of the email" and enter the numeric verification code (confirmation number) from coming to you.

If any emails from PayPal you do not come, you can send a letter with the code for verification again. To do this, click on this page link in the bottom "to request a new confirmation number".


card Verification

Now to work with PayPal you need to verify your payment card. This is an additional security measure that confirm that you are — owner of the card used. After this procedure, you also raise the limits (restricted circulation) your PayPal account.

the verification Process quite simple. Its essence consists in the following: your card will be charged $1.95 (this money is subsequently returned to either the card or the balance), then the statement of operations on the map, the details of the payment, you find the 4-digit code (payment details payment will look something like this: "1234PayPal - *EXPUSE" (possible options), first 4 figures – your code) that you enter on the PayPal website. To know this code, you can through online banking, call support service of the Bank or get your credit card transactions. The details of this issue are covered in the article: PayPal. Account verification.

In the opinion of many users: to verify your card preferably immediately after registration, because verification of the card there are strict limits on the amount of simultaneously sent the payment. Difficulty verification card, as a rule, no one is.


Helpful information

residents of the Russian Federation and the Baltic countries are allowed to accept payments. The balance of their account will be immediately credited the money taken from the card during the registration and verification. In order to send a payment, add funds, they do not need – agents can act as account, or directly from a payment card. For example, if on balance there is a certain amount of money, but it's necessary to pay more, then the missing funds will be charged to the card. the

Very often, the scammers are sending on the network fake emails like real letters at  ebayPayPalCity Bank etc. These letters vary in content, but in the end require the user to follow the link in the email and enter your username and password. As you probably guessed, this whole scheme is designed to lure you username and password. Following the link will take you to a fake website (usually only a couple of pages) the company on behalf of which a letter sent where you are asked to log in. Caught on this snag, and giving personal information to scammers, you can get in serious trouble. One way out: don't believe everything you receive via e-mail, like most likely it will not look. Carefully check references. Enter your username and password only in the login page, which you hit yourself by typing in the address or the link from your browser's bookmarks. And remember: if we are talking about this payment system, then it will never ask you login and password via e-mail. If you receive such a letter – so it was sent by scammers. the


  1. If you live in one of CIS countries (except Russia and the Baltic countries), then after registering on PayPal, your balance will be zero. Do not worry – there is nothing to worry, as it should be. The funds will be removed from your credit card as necessary. When you return – the funds are returned directly to the map.
  2. In Ukraine, Kazakhstan to accept payments on PayPal, and withdraw funds from PayPal to a Bank account.
  3. After linking the card, in whatever currency it was not necessarily immediately change center conversion, by setting as the center is not by default Paypal and your Bank. Otherwise, the extra costs could not be avoided.
  4. do Not experiment with PayPal by introducing other people's cards, various Bank accounts, etc. do Not draw attention to himself. Otherwise you risk to fall under the test.
  5. don't let third parties your login and password to the PayPal account. Do not participate in doubtful transactions and do not accept dubious offers where you are asked to pay something, promising huge commissions.
  6. If you will log in to your PayPal account from different countries (calculated by IP address) or will just a large number of visits from different computers, it is possible that the security service may suspect that the account has been accessed by unauthorized persons. Such an account runs the risk of being blocked, and you may be asked to send copies of documents.
  7. do Not use "instant" (or prepaid/gift) payment cards that can be purchased on the Internet. These cards typically have no name or the name of the owner (you can specify any), as well as plastic carrier – you just send the number and expiration date. The price of using such a card in PayPal can be a high – your account will lock once and for all. Remember, credit (or debit) card may only be issued by a Bank, carefully check your personal data.
  8. refunds (full refund through "Debate" or partial refund) money on the map do not appear instantly. Usually your Bank (and the period depend only on it) keeps them in "frozen" state for another 3-20 days.







PayPal Payment system provides a secure shopping being an essential condition for money back Guarantee  and without revealing your credit card details to the seller.


Click on the PayPal registration page and fill in all the fields, using Latin letters. You do not need to create a username, it will serve as the e-mail address.


On the registration page you will be prompted to link the PayPal account to a Bank card as payment tool. With PayPal you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and Visa QIWI Wallet.


After you add a credit card should confirm. Log in to your PayPal account and select My account Click Confirm my debit or credit card under Notifications.


Create your payment account



  • You can pay by Visa card, through PayPal payment system on the Internet
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