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Cosmeceuticals - direction, formed at the junction of cosmetology and pharmacology. Cosmetic products with those or other benefits associated with their real statement and / or the intended positive effect. & Nbsp; in other words, has healing properties.

In this regard, as the natural cosmetics, Thailand is considered to be the most knowledgeable. After studying the features of an unusually rich flora and accumulated a myriad of valuable recipes, the monks transferred the knowledge to his people, honoring them for many centuries. The library production SMOOTH-E are stored old record, highlighting the benefit of endemic plants and how to extract to maintain health, and then - a beauty. Thus, understanding the beneficial properties of each ingredient helps to create a truly effective beauty products.

The exclusivity of this product lies in its natural composition, safety, hypoallergenic, no side effects and contraindications. & Nbsp; It is truly universal (nourishes, moisturizes, softens, cleanses, protects, regenerates, is used and women and men). & Nbsp; In addition, Thailand's cosmetics give rapid effect that persists for a long time, & nbsp; and it is different pleasant aromas and textures.





Assortment of Thai natural cosmetics is very wide, and use it to create only natural (and freely growing) component causes an affordable price for the products. So, you can buy pure sesame seed oil, and coconut oil and pineapple. Reviews cosmetologists support multiple beneficial properties of these products, according to the manufacturer. A valuable action and have different aromatherapy oil massage that best influence the psycho-emotional background and at the same time nourish the skin.

Natural creams, serums, masks, scrubs and lotions, whether they are for face or body, containing extracts of aloe vera, noni, mangosteen, mango, coconut, lemongrass, papaya and other rich biochemical composition of plants, their fruits and roots. In addition, the factory has developed an amazing cream that are at the heart of the natural collagen and royal jelly. The role of body scrub exfoliating elements carry minerals (marine and ocean salt) that enriches the product and increases the efficiency with its application procedures. Also released products for the cosmetic correction among from Thailand: anti-cellulite cream, serum, and increase the pull-up chest, and a cream for stretch marks. They include a variety of phytoextracts. On the effect of the Thai funds respond well hair. Among the oils, as well as a long list of shampoos, tonics, creams, masks, conditioners and other protective products always find the most suitable product for a particular type of hair or a specific task. It is also worth mentioning handcrafted soap pure vegetable oils and natural ingredients. It has a therapeutic effect, perfectly cleanses, nourishes, tones and moisturizes the skin. With tropical scent, soap uplifting.




SMOOTH-E THAI NATURAL cosmeceuticals exceptional quality and is the brand number 1 in Thailand.


The product uses organic ingredients, grown in natural conditions in the nature park. On the production does not use artificial light bulbs, pesticides, nitrates, and does not resort to the greenhouse. This means that all materials in the plant biochemical processes take place according to the laws for p ode, which greatly increases the value derived from it extracts. Cosmetologists and pharmacists factory carefully calibrate the recipe and are constantly finding new and effective combinations of properties of plants that cause not only the efficacy of the product, but also the ability to produce it without adding chemical additives. Useful gifts nature gives makeup a pleasant smell and color, flavors and colors so it does not need. Established for the development of traditional medicine in the Kingdom of Thailand (in the framework of the project concerned, which oversees the princess), the factory carefully monitors the quality of the manufacturing process and its result. All products are certified.


The natural products from Thailand you will find a faithful helper in the care of themselves. Quick positive changes will be achieved with natural composition, so the effect of the application have not lost for a long time. Given the availability of prices and the fact that now you can buy products directly from the house, the Thai beauty secrets are becoming more popular in other countries.










And you feel agreeable SPA-procedures that are not conceivable without the Thai cosmetics, which has a mass of useful properties. Prepared according to the ancient monastic recipes, specially selected brands on this website in the section is different, which Thailand won a lot of feedback about their miracles, and it has its own compelling reasons. All this you can order online www.MySmooth-e.COM and be sure that everything you order is made in Thailand and has no analogues or fakes.


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