Natural coconut oil virgin (Green Case) - 1000ml.

Natural coconut oil virgin (Green Case) - 1000ml.
- 9%
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Short description

The most valuable is oil, subjected to cold pressing, because as a result of gentle processing produces a product that preserves all the medicinal properties of the raw materials. However, with this method of squeezing out copra it is extracted not more than a tenth of the oil contained therein. That's why coconut oil, obtained through cold pressing, is quite expensive, and the best product ...

Earth Born / Green Case and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil



Thai natural cosmetics gained popularity due to their quality and efficiency. Cosmetic industry in Thailand is actively using the vegetable wealth of the country and one of the most useful and inexpensive components is coconut oil. Pure fresh coconut oil, oil for massage, coconut shampoos and conditioners, tender coconut soap made by hand with a delicate aroma – all of these products will bring health to your skin and hair. Coconut oil is excellent protects, softens and nourishes the skin, but the main advantage of coconut oil – its full assimilation by the skin. For hair care coconut oil essential – no wonder many Thai girls are known for their luxurious hair, regularly make masks out of coconut oil or simply applied to the hair before entering the sun.


Oil recommended:

100% Coconut oil for Skin:

- Recommended for dry, scaly, rough, and aging skin.

- Has excellent nourishing, softening and moisturizing properties and after application forms a kind of invisible film on the skin that perform safety functions, and permanently maintain the optimum moisture balance in the skin.

- Eliminates excessive dryness and flaking of the skin, preventing it from hardening and cracking.

- Helps to significantly smooth the skin, and the shallow wrinkles, improve the tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Tanning Oil:

- Use before and after tanning or sun.

- Allows you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays to avoid sunburn and to get an even beautiful tan.

- Promotes an instant calming and cooling the skin after sun bathing.


- Gives health and Shine to hair.

Total effect:

It kills the germs that harm the skin. Because of coconut oil fatty acids in Limerick, which has the same type under the skin. it will help to kill the germs that cause warts on the skin, pimples, freckles.


From time immemorial girls in Thailand use coconut oil why?:

• Absorbs into the skin quickly. Coconut oil consists of small molecules that are absorbed through the skin quickly and easily.

• Coconut oil. Contains (an Antioxidant) that helps neutralize free radicals of oxygen that cause wrinkled skin, it protects skin from the sun's rays.

• Cleanses the skin from dead cells. And maintains new cells. Coconut oil is a natural substance, it allows the dead cells flakes off the skin (natural exfoliation) and your skin will be better when you wear off the dead cells. So the skin looks younger. Without wrinkles. And ostanavlivaet the symptoms of premature aging.

• It kills the germs that harm the skin. Because of coconut oil fatty acids in Limerick, which has the same type under the skin. it will help to kill the germs that cause warts on the skin, pimples, freckles.

• Suitable for all skin types.

• Prevention and treatment of the stigmata -the freckles, or spots . Sanitizer.

• Prevention and treatment of skin rashes: Coconut oil helps protect the skin from diseases caused by bacteria, such as psoriasis, inflammatory skin diseases, and other infections.

• For the prevention and treatment of cancer of the skin while making the skin younger. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin through small molecules, it also helps to strengthen the skin, and the deeper it can help in the fight against free radicals, this process can prevent cancer of the skin..

• Prevention and treatment of burns because the sun is burning (sunburn), is an anti-inflammatory oil. You can stay in sunlight for long time, you can use coconut oil as a sunscreen as well. In addition, it is not sticky like most sunscreens.



  Virgin Coconut Oil 100%. (extract from coconut oil, cold first pressed)

Net and packing

- 1000 ml. Oil Packed in transparent plastic bottle, when cold, tends to harden.

English name

- Green Case of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml.


 For leather:

- you Must first hold the bottle under hot water to melt the oil.

- or clamp a small piece of butter in his hand, and when it melts, spread it over the entire desired area.

- to Attach the block of cocoa butter to the skin and when in contact with it it starts to melt, gently led them up to full lubrication.


it is Enough to put on the comb a few drops, and then comb hair.

- hot oil massage first to scalp, then apply to hair evenly on each hair strand.


Used in massage techniques.



• Before long use  run the test, apply to  2-3 minutes to make sure you are not allergic to coconut oil.


to apply:  open on the affected areas of skin, such as cuts and wounds.




• Earth Born Co., Ltd , Thailand.



• (brand "Green Case" the company is located in Thailand and specializiruetsya only on products made from natural ingredients, coconut oil extra virgin).

Main characteristics
Type of product Coconut oil
net weight 1000ml.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
assignment Care of the cuticle;Moisturizing the hair;Hair Nutrition;Styling;Moisturizing the face;Moisturizing the lips;Make-up remover;Wrinkles;Dry skin;Eczema;For Tan;Moistening of the body;Massage;
Age category 6 years and older
Active ingredients Coconut oil
Additional characteristics
Packing size big
gross 1010g.
Composition of product packaging:
Composition Active ingredients
Coconut oil Extra Virgin. Coconut Oil .
Coconut oil extract 100%. 100% coconut oil.


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