Natural Deodorant Spray Body (FOCAL) - 120ml.


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  • Product Code: 4233
  • Reg.№: 10-1-5424061
  • Brand: Focal
  • Country: THAILAND
  • Net: 120 g
  • Gross: 145 g
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1. Air Small packet (± 10 days) 2. Normal (±14-30 days) 3. EMS (5-12 days).

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Short description

A natural deodorant in the composition with mineral salt that helps reduce sweating and suppresses the growth of bacteria to create you a sense of comfort and without the unpleasant odor for the whole day. Deodorant contains a formula for a slight lightening of the skin and a soothing ingredient for comfort. Does not contain alcohol additives. Hypoallergenic and composed of all natural ingredients ...

FOCAL / 24Hr Natural, Extra Protection Scin Care Deodorant Spray



- Natural deodorant composed of mineral salts that help reduce perspiration and inhibit the growth of bacteria to create you a feeling of comfort and no unpleasant smell for the whole day. The deodorant contains the formula for minor skin lightening and softening ingredient for comfort. Does not contain alcohol additives. Hypoallergenic and composed of all natural ingredients (ammonium alum, allantoin, nicotinamide, propylene glycol, water) - it's almost like spraying water, except you'll smell good all day. For girls who in places of friction (folds) of the armpits of skin color appears pigmentatia and potaninia, Deodorant also helps to solve the problem of "Black armpit" just use it two or three times a day. Using a mixture of Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) and to qualify as allantoin skin lightening and skin Smoothing, respectively. Providing another level! ... Armpits not coming back in the dark, because the FOCAL spirit. Fragrances and chemicals that cause armpit black color. This differs from the focus of the deodorant of the common good. 


Main advantages:

• skin lightening effect.

• Inhibits the growth of bacteria.

• Soothes skin.

• Has a pleasant natural aroma.



 Aqua, Ammonium Alum, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Niacinamide, Diazolidinyl Urea, Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate . 

Net and packing

- 120 gr. 1 plastic box with dispenser 120 ml.

English name

- Natural FOCAL 24Hr, Protection Scin Extra Care Deodorant Spray 120ml.


-  Spray on trebuiau surface (armpits, feet) , slight press on the cover spray.



to apply:  on the affected areas of the skin such as cuts and so on.



• FOCAL , Thailand.


• (Manufacturer Company FOCAL is the market leader (naturalnych) decoderintel in Thailand. The company's products have undergone clinical trials  in Thailand.)

Main characteristics
Type of product Deodorant body spray
net weight 120ml.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
Age category 18 years and older
Additional characteristics
Packing size standard
gross 145g.

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