Very often from our customers we hear the question: How often should I change the cream? If I have to use one tool, would it not be addictive?!



How to reduce wrinkles and help your skin look more smooth and radiant at any age:

With age the skin changes and the cells gradually losing their “energy”. The skin is restored slowly and gradually appear the first signs of aging. Here are three simple steps to combat the visible signs of aging. The skin looked younger and more radiant, use skin care products that are best suited to you.


anti-wrinkle Cream effectively fights the signs of premature ageing, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and anti-aging cream – expert care for Mature skin with visible signs of aging (uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, elasticity, clarity of paths). For maximum effect, choose a cream that suits your age and skin type …



it is Very important to maintain youthful skin, and for this it is necessary to constantly moisturize morning and evening. Of the pion receive special extract, which not only has a fragrant aroma, but also has a moisturizing effect and helps to align the color and texture of the skin, contributing to its glow. .



Your skin still looks great, but already begin to appear the first wrinkles. Cell renewal, and collagen production slows down, resulting in your skin becoming more dry and sometimes looks dull. Now you need a cream that not only moisturizes, but also helps to combat the first visible signs of aging. Helichrysum (Immortelle) — a flower that never fades, — the perfect ingredient for our cream.



If you notice that skin becomes flabby, and wrinkles are more pronounced — that means it's time to choose an anti-aging agent for the skin. Don't forget the décolleté! The vehicle received five patents for it contains the natural essential oil of immortelle, which fights against the visible signs of aging.




Increase the tone of your skin with facial gymnastics. Select a few exercises for facial rejuvenation and perform them in front of the mirror for a few minutes every day. And to make the procedure more enjoyable, add oil for skin care.



  • Every morning, do these exercises in front of a mirror. Repeat each exercise 5 times:
  • Improve skin tone: straighten your shoulders, lift the chin to tension the skin, then slowly open and close your mouth..
  • Raise the eyelids: open your eyes as much as possible and keep them in this state for 5 seconds and then relax..
  • add volume to the lips: pull the lips, draw “a strong kiss” and hold in this position for 5 seconds and then relax..


Video : Gymnastics faces from SMOOTH-E


How often should I change skincare? : 
Very often from our customers we hear the question: How often should I change the cream? If I have to use one tool, would it not be addictive?:

Skin likes consistency! Any dermatologist/cosmetologist will tell you that if you were able to find care that suits your skin, it is better not to change.

to Change the care needed when changing skin needs, it might be the change of season, or change of lifestyle, age-related changes, etc.

recommend Not changing your skincare every 4-5 months, as the effects of any care is evident not earlier than after three months. Positive changes that you see instantly or in less than a month after application, this is just the beginning to improving and visual effect. But in order to act in the deeper layers of the skin, it takes time.

the Fear of “exposure” is a psychological factor. We want the best result from the use of the cream, but the cream has improved your skin, for example, with the conventional 50% to maximum 90% and then just maintain this result..


When you need to change care?:

- Changed condition of the skin. For example, the skin became very dry or very sensitive (from a different kind of treatment, e.g., treatment with acids for acne, after peels, during pregnancy when hormonal changes, after an illness, when the seasons change). Time to pick up either a new whey or review care in General.

- You and your skin is just tired. This can be caused by stress, excessive work load, inadequate sleep or unhealthy diet in a stressful situation give stress the skin. Here we recommend to apply extra care - it is best to apply the serum.

- You see new wrinkles, or the wrinkles become still deeper. Wrinkles fatigue (they go in the evening, but by morning smoothed) become permanent. Whatever the means we didn't use normal, live skin is still aging and this is natural. That means it's time to move to a new level of care - from moisturizing to anti-aging.

- You want to solve a particular problem - for example, hyperpigmentation, or inflammation.


Our main advice:

 Objectively assess the condition of your skin and pick up care of the claimed properties of the specific cream:

- directed cream solves that particular problem,

- moisturizer - moisturizes, anti - aging cream improves the condition of skin, reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles,

- lifting - tightens, tones.

 Choose skincare for your skin type...

For oily and combination skin product would be ideal with an ultra-lightweight texture that moisturizes and creates refreshing throughout the day.

- Skin is prone to dryness, requires its holders special care. We all know that women with dry skin wrinkles on the face appear much faster. And who wants to age prematurely? That is why morning and evening after water procedures day after day it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream, enriched with precious oils. Because of this you will get rid of feelings of tightness, dryness, flaking and will get a smooth structure and complexion.

- If you periodically disturbed skin problems (acne, their effects, dark spots, enlarged pores, etc.), your skin needs the healing cream. Currently, there are many varieties, which include the different active substances that contribute to the fight against the hated pimples.

- Dehydrated skin requires daily moisturizing. This will help organic face cream with herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids, etc.

- If you begin to notice age-related changes, pay attention to anti-age program. Some of the cream from Thailand for the face contain the active substance, powder of ruby and tourmaline that long-term use promotes the tightening of facial contours, smoothing of wrinkles, regeneration of the epidermis, etc.

a Properly selected cosmetic product and its regular use will make your skin smooth and velvety, giving even tone and radiance, reduce acne, inflammation and other problems. If you wish to ensure your skin proper care if you prefer only natural cosmetics then buy a face cream from Thailand-the best solution!

Where to buy natural cream and oil for face?

In Thailand you can buy cream and oils for face almost any pharmacy, supermarkets .
Inthe whole World, these funds are best and cheapest to buy way - through the Internet.
Here you will find an overview of the best creams that you can buy on our website:


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