Cleansing - one of the main procedures in the care of the person.

The way we do it every day, affects the health and beauty of our skin.

The proper cleansing is different from wrong? :



- 1.Mild cleansing (make-up remover).

Cleansing begins with washing with special means - it may be a gel for washing, foam, or foam antimelazma. The tool is applied to the skin in a circular motion with your fingertips. Then face thoroughly rinsed with water. Water temperature should be lukewarm (not cold and not hot) - then there is no expansion and contraction of blood vessels, which is especially important for owners of "fragile" vessels and those who present an inflammation on the skin. After washing with water gently blotted the face with a towel.








– 2. Toning:


After basic cleansing face lotion or tonic refreshes, removing the remnants of cleanser, skin soothing and balancing her Ph. Very useful for mineral water person, amino acids and herbal extracts. Organic tonics do not contain chemical ingredients and do not leave a film on the face. Mineral Water Spray Spray for the face with mineral water, moisturizes and tones the skin. The composition of natural mineral water.





✩ After the tonic or lotion applied to the face moisturizer and nourishing cream, and can be included in the care and serum as necessary. Applying the cream, you can also make a small face massage— lightly in the form of slaps.  To do this is very well suited cream with 100% natural ingredients SMOOTH-E c vitamins and oils and natural extracts.





- 3. Deep cleansing 1-3 times a week:

For the full care, you need 1-2 times a week to conduct a deep cleansing of the skin. Last time I prefer scrubs Non Ionic, lightening peeling (SMOOTH E), they do not leave chemicals on the skin that cause clogging of the pores, blackheads and which gradually violate our balance of the skin, causing it to become dry and wrinkles appear. They are very gently clean the skin without its mechanical damage, at the same time it moisturizing and improving skin tone. Such funds can be used even on sensitive skin, plus they do not cause skin photosensitivity, and are suitable for use in the summer.

✩ If you do not remove the dead skin cells in a timely manner, they can clog the sebaceous ducts and thereby cause inflammation or cause premature aging of the skin. 






Do I need to clean the skin 2 times a day? Or well enough to wash in the evening and in the morning just wipe the face tonic?


In this regard, beauticians advice diverge. Some believe that it is necessary to clean the face, morning and evening, using foams and gels, others say Use morning tonic enough, and more powerful tools are needed for the evening. For myself, I chose the second option. And usually, the same views that frequent cleaning meansOnly with a scrub is not recommended to anyone - clearer skin this does not become, as it turns out only increased dehydration, dryness, and disruption of normal metabolism. It is also important to pay attention to the age - after 40 years in the morning is recommended to use the Allergy gel over sensitive skin for a soft  care when washing.




Master errors in skin cleansing:


・ ・ ・ 1 ・ ・ ・

Incorrect definition of the type leather → wrong choice means. For example, dehydrated skin is often confused with the dry. Dry skin type - is the one that is not enough of their lipids, such skin is very thin and sometimes looks like porcelain. Dehydrated - is the one that needs additional moisture. This skin can apply to the combined, and even to fatty type. If visible pores on the face, most likely it is a combination type of.

・ ・ ・ 2 ・ ・ ・

Frequent washing of the skin causes skin dryness and its disruption of the barrier layer. Prior to creak - does not mean good. On the contrary, oily skin should be very gentle cleansing without irritating elements.

・ ・ ・ 3 ・ ・ ・

For too long, keep the means to cleanse the skin. Most of these should be applied only for a short time (no more than 20 seconds), and then washed off with water. If cleansing is not enough, it is better to put means more time than for a long time to leave it on the skin and massage the face. So you get more benefits for skin health and a minimum negative effect on the purification procedure.

・ ・ ・ 4 ・ ・ ・

Using too hot or too cold water. Washing is carried out only with warm water. For those who have symptoms of rosacea, cold water, ice and especially hot water contraindicated.

・ ・ ・ 5 ・ ・ ・

Rough skin exposure. Cleansing should be carried out smoothly and gently. Applying pressure and sharp movements will only lead to the opposite effect.



Video content: Facial Wash SMOOTH-E



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