Let's try to figure out how to identify your type of skin:


Tips our beautician:

- What is it for? I think the answer to this question will give each of you, without hesitation and without error. Proper care for your skin type, we need to ensure that we could, at least, like themselves, and, of course, others. After all, the standard of female beauty - the outer skin, which immediately reflects the internal.



 Leather Face is:

 - normal
 - oily
 - dry
 - combined (mixed)
 - sensitive



I want to give a few simple tips on how to correctly identify the type of your skin because, unfortunately, not everyone knows that, and it follows from this improper care and the deterioration of the appearance of the face.

- Why an appointment with a beautician to come recommended, pre-washing up for 2-3 hours? Because during this time produced natural fatty grease and moisture, and their number affects the skin type. To determine your own skin type, it is sufficient to wash and 2-3 hours after washing, wet face cloth or attach the mirror. Oily surface which imprinted, say that you have oily skin. If we talk about the combination, it will relate to the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin. But if there is no trace, the skin will be either normal or dry.

Normal skin after washing will not feel any discomfort. It is elastic, fresh, elastic, smooth matte pink color without a greasy, smooth, almost invisible pores. This type of skin is very rare, and there are very many dream.

Oily skin although it has its advantages, because the excess fat excreted creates a protective film which, in turn, prevents drying of the skin, but it is quite problematic, and requires some care. Its main symptoms - it shine, enlarged and clogged pores, excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands and the tendency to various inflammations and rashes. Enlarged pores on the face, unfortunately, give the oily skin stale and dirty look. These are the main visible signs of oily skin.

These characteristics can be attributed to a combination skin, but not on all of its sections. Combined (mixed) skin from the fat differs only in the fact that some of its areas - such as the contour around the eyes and cheeks are often dry skin type and rarely normal, but the forehead, nose and chin are characteristic shine. There will need to use cosmetics for skin of two types, depending on the areas of skin type and.

Dry skin is quite problematic to define it only by their appearance is difficult, but possible. At the young age of the dry type of skin looks soft, matte and no visible pores, but feels it is quite thin and elastic. After washing the feeling of stiffness and flaking is impossible not to feel and not see, if you have dry skin. Caring for it is necessary for the appearance of the first visible signs, because due to the lack of moisture, it is too prone to the bad influence of the environment and the first wrinkles appear too early. The sensitive skin of the face, perhaps, of all - the most delicate. It can be both dry and oily.

The first visible signs: This type of skin reacts immediately to any changes, whether it is wind, sun, cold, air temperature and any climate change, poor-quality cosmetics and improper care. The impact of these and many other factors, leads to disruption of the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, and it can not itself retain moisture, synthesize fat, which leads to disruption of the epidermal barrier. Response - peeling, tightness, itching, redness, skin rash. Well, I told about the main types of skin, each of them requires its own right approach and attention. Be beautiful!




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