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MySmooth-E . COM  - distributor of professional cosmetics company of the same name Thai online space, we deliver products for skin care and thai balm, under the order from Thailand to worldwide by Thailand.


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-We accept orders for prepayment with delivery worldwide within 6-30 days.

- Delivery is carried out in two ways 1. Air Small packet (± 10 days) 2.Normal (±14-30 days) 3. EMS (5-12 days).

- Medical cosmetics Dates are all good, because it is sent from Thailand - directly under your order.




The company Smooth-E is the market leader in cosmeceutical (medical) funds for skin care in Thailand. The company's products passed the clinical trials dermatologists and designed according to high pharmaceutical standards and technologies. Unlike conventional products for personal hygiene, Smooth-E products are not only cosmetically hide skin problems and hair, but also treat and prevent them. Typical client Smooth-E - a modern, educated, successful, and health-conscious people, a prudent buyer who understands that cosmeceutical products (Cosmetics) are more effective than conventional cosmetics. About 70 percent of customers Smooth-E - women, including students, business women and housewives. Smooth-E products, which can be attributed to the category of cosmetic products, and is designed for men who are accustomed to be a trend, both for students and for professionals who make a choice in favor of quality products to maintain and improve their appearance. Products Smooth-E is sold in the domestic market through various distribution channels, including retail stores for health and beauty, such as Boots and Watson's, pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals, wholesale stores and convenience stores. In addition, the brand care products are exported to Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East and Europe. Given the continuous growth of the market of personal care products, especially products for skin care, which in the past 3-4 years increased annually by 15-25 percent, the popularity of cosmeceutical products will continue to grow in line with increasing customer needs to take care of their appearance. Achievements Cream Smooth-E, the first product released under this brand, first appeared in pharmacies in Thailand in 1991. Due to its efficiency, as well as the recommendations of dermatologists and pharmacists, Smooth-E cream has been praised and good reviews of consumers, in just three years, becoming the number one tool for the treatment of scars, sold in pharmacies. Increased consumer demand has led to the fact that the product was sold not only in pharmacies, but also in supermarkets, chain stores of goods for beauty and health, private clinics, hospitals, wholesale outlets, convenience stores and other modern retail outlets. Currently, Smooth-E Cream is positioned in the minds of consumers as the best means for the treatment of scars. The cream is also a best-selling healing cream for all distribution channels. Inspired by the success of cream Smooth-E, the same company experts in 1993 have launched Smooth-E Baby Face Foam, the first in Thailand cleanser for washing without foam. Having achieved wide acceptance consumers, Smooth-E Baby Face Foam has become the best-selling vehicle in pharmacies in just two years. Currently this product is the market leader in tools for removing make-up, without foam. The tool is in the top three leaders of sales across all channels of distribution. Currently, Smooth-E the company has significantly expanded its product line. Today, it includes means for skin care, hair, body, as well as products for lip care. Cosmeceutical products of the company are leaders of sales in pharmacies in Thailand. Since 2000, Smooth-E reached 20 percent annual growth, while the growth of total sales in 2004, including exports, totaled about one billion Baht. Active sponsorship in the field of dermatology research strengthened Smooth-E position in the market. In 2001, the company sponsored the tests to detect allergies to cream, conducted by the Institute of Dermatology of Thailand at the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health using the method Allergic diagnostics, allowing not to carry out tests on animals ( «Human 4 Hour Patch Testing Method»). The results showed that Smooth-E Cream Cream is the first and only cream, do not cause allergic reactions. Hypoallergenicity cosmeceutical confirmed by the Institute of Dermatology of Thailand. In 2004, the company sponsored the study Research Center of Dermatology at the hospital Srinakarin Viroj. Dermatologists have evaluated the effectiveness of a night cream Smooth-E White Babyface Night Cream compared with a cream containing 5 percent hydroquinone. Test tools used for bleaching freckles and leveling the complexion. The results confirmed the effectiveness of both creams, but Smooth-E White Babyface Night Cream had fewer side effects. Read more about the history of the company..


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