Cool Analgesic Cream (Banal Balm) - 100g.


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Short description

The product not only quickly and gently relieves pain, but also removes lactic acid, accumulates in muscle tissues with intense physical exertion, relaxes muscles. The complex of the main components BANAL BALM effectively copes with swelling, pain with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and with heaviness in the legs ...

PROOFF /Banal Balm Analgesic Cream



 - Analgesic Cream, applying the cream is recommended for people actively involved in sports and with strong bruises. I got this cream from the doctor in Thailand after I tore a ligament in my ankle during training in Muay Thai. I could barely put a finger down after it happened and my ankle was huge and very bruised. The doctor told me no more training for at least three weeks, but what am I supposed to use this cream combined with ibuprofen and try to walk on the injured leg, and not limping (with out boot, by the way, just an ACE bandage). I followed his advice and felt better within a few hours. Of course, it again hurt a ton the next morning, but I put the cream on, walked around a bit and felt better, so I put my wrist wrap as a brace around my ankle instead of an ACE bandage and went to train. It still feels better and better, so I trained twice a day, and the swelling and bruising was 90% gone on the third day. I love this cream. Every time I have inflammatory damage I use it and it never failed me if I tried to put it on the area that was inflamed. How could I say that would work in that it emit a cooling menthol effect that he suffered in this case it worked, but when I don't feel anything, that was not the right treatment. I hope this information helps someone and that this cream is available in the US soon! Until now, I still have some of mine left from last year, and it still works plus I got one of my patients who went to Thailand to bring me some back, so I can use it on other patients as well (I'm a physical therapist so I know a lot of people that would benefit from this cream!). 



• a Means of not only quickly and gently relieves pain, but also removes lactic acid that accumulates in muscle cells during intensive physical loads relaxes muscles. Complex main components of the BANAL BALM effectively cope with the swelling, pain, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and also heaviness in the legs.

• for muscular pain of any origin, especially after overexertion of muscles - has a relaxing, calming and analgesic effect.

• for the mobility of joints.

• Thanks to the active ingredients, you receive the analgesic and cooling sensation that relieves pain. 

• Stretching. 

• Athletes ( the balm can be applied on the whole body: legs, arms, shoulders, back view of a light massage, both before and after workouts, such as running, Boxing, strength

like wrestling, and stretching (Pilates). 

Composition :

MENTHOL of 3.85 g. - (Menthol.)  EUGENOL of 1.00 g (Eugenol.). 18.41 g of Methyl Salicylate (methyl salicylate). Eucalyptus oil 7.79 g. (Eucalyptus oil).

Tactile sensation

- On the body gel has a cooling effect .

the Feeling - the smell (aroma balm)

- the Smell appears immediately after the application of the gel on the body, Is blue in colour, has a pleasant minty smell , unique to this gel, but not nasty, and soothing.

Net and packing

- 100 gr. The cream comes in a metal aluminum tube and in a cardboard red and white box.

the English name

- Banal Analgesic Balm Cream 100g . Reg. : 2 A 248/26.


Apply 1-4 times a day , light massage on bruises or bruises and sprains. 


• Pregnancy, children's age, individual intolerance.

• avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes.

• for outdoor use Only.


• avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes.


to apply:  on the affected areas of the skin, such as fresh cuts.


• PROOFF Co., Ltd, Thailand.

Main characteristics
Type of product Balm from bruises
net weight 100g.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
assignment Inflammation;Joint pain;Handroz;Radiculitis;Athletes;Injuries;Stretching;Back pain;Intercostal neuralgia;boxers;Hematoma
Age category 18 years and older
Active ingredients Menthol;Eucalyptus oil;Methyl salicylate;Evginol
Additional characteristics
Scent and Fragrance mint
Tactile feelings of the body cools
Packing size medium
gross 128g.

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