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Serum for Hair

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Concentrated Serum for hair Quick Recovery (Lolane) - 45g.
Advantages: Enriched with natural extracts Amino acids and special formula M.M.I. System. Hair restoration from harmful effects. Prevents further loss of damaged hair. Intensive hair restoration with a special formula after coloring and perm. You get smooth and shiny hair. Well moisturizes and helps to comb and lay all the strands of hair. Natural composition: Enriched with honey extract ...
Net: 45 g
Gross: 77 g
Daily serum for hair magic one (Lolane) - 50ml.
Serum is a kind of daily food for hair that does not need to be washed off, advantages: Hair instantly become instant silk. Instant hair protection from harmful effects. Prevents loss. Protects the tips of the hair. You get smooth and shiny hair. Instantly absorbed and helps to comb all the strands of hair. Natural composition: Juniper oil, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E .....
Net: 50 g
Gross: 70 g
Protective Spray Hair Lotion (Keratinology) - 180ml.
SUNSILK has developed a Heat Protector spray for you. When the hair is often exposed to heat from the tools of laying and curling, the hair, as a rule, is split or becomes fragile. But with this new Protector spray, it acts as a protective layer on the hair and helps prevent their damage. Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction program has all the necessary ingredients to restore hair to a healthy state ...
Net: 180 g
Gross: 212 g
Serum Hair Frizz Smooth & Repair (SMOOTH-E) - 30ml.
Has the ability to nourish the hair outside. And absorbed to nourish the hair from within. Keeps hair healthy Vitamin E nourishes dry and damaged hair moisturized. Protect hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Ginkgo Biloba extract nourishes the cells of the hair fiber. Reduces hair loss.
Net: 30 g
Gross: 73 g
Argan Oil Hair Serum (Boots) - 45ml.
it is Difficult to overestimate the unique composition of the Argan oil. It comprises about 80% essential fatty acids, which are struggling with aging hair. Besides oligolinolievye acids which are oil-based, rejuvenate and promote cell regeneration , antioxidants, natural antibiotics, vitamins a, E And F have a colossal healing effect on the hair . The oil protects the hair from external negative effects (including high humidity and UV rays), increases hair growth, restores strength, nourishes, makes them strong, obedient, silky
Net: 45 g
Gross: 62 g
Serum for hair algae Collagen (Bio-Woman) -150ml.
hair Serum collagen seaweed restores dry, damaged hair, split ends and returns to its former health through the special nourishing qualities of deep sea seaweed and collagen. Egg protein strengthens the hair structure, makes hair more durable.
Net: 150 g
Gross: 170 g
Serum for hair fast detoxification based on Bamboo charcoal (BioWoman) - 150ml.
The recent evolution among the detoxification of the product from high-quality bamboo charcoal, which can release negative ions, by binding to free radicals, to change into oxygen. This helps to clean toxic chemicals from the hair. Serum, makes the hair soft, healthy, shiny and free (clean) from contaminants, such as chemical residues from hair styling, everyday dirt, smoke and oil on the scalp ....
Net: 150 g
Gross: 155 g
Vitamins for hair color on the lock with O2 (Bio-Woman) - 150ml.
Color Lock is developed using revolutionary technologies for hair care. Specifically designed for colored hair, "the COLOR of the CASTLE", the formula (composition) with vitamins and Spirulina algae specially for colored hair. This latest innovation with the participation of chlorophyll extract from spirulina seaweed helps you to nourish, strengthen, and fortify hair and scalp by increasing oxygen uptake in hair cells and scalp.
Net: 150 g
Gross: 170 g
Acerola C Serum Concentrated Serum (Provamed) - 15ml.
Acerola C Serum Concentrated Serum To immediately focus on the skin. By mixing together 2 C vitamins. Provides clarity. Reduce dark spots, dull skin, restore vitality and health Provamed Acerola Serum C - reveals radiant skin Acerola Cherry Extract Natural Vitamin C Extract Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin B3 Extract - Stimulate collagen production
Net: 15 g
Gross: 28 g
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