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Hair Сonditioner

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Conditioner Every Day Formulated For Everyday Use (SMOOTH-E) - 500ml.
Designed to protect your hair from Daily environmental stress. Smooth E everyday conditioner , with vitamin e Gentle daily use conditioner helps hair regain natural balance and strength, leaving your natural balance and strength, leaving it manageable, healthy and shiny. Regular use will help protect the hair from damage and maintain them Shine makes it ideal for daily care of hair.
Net: 500 g
Gross: 556 g
Coconut medical conditioner for hair (Tropicana) - 250ml.
Coconut medical conditioner for hair (Tropicana) - 250ml. Therapeutic moisturizing conditioner for dry and brittle hair, (special formula) Coconut extract, extract of Aloe Vera and ginseng, Pro-vitamin B5 that restores dry and brittle hair and nourishes the scalp with coconut extract can be used daily...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 270 g
Hair Conditioner ALOE (Abhaiphubet) - 300ml.
The gentle conditioner is well foamed, consists of Aloe extract of Barbados and Sesame oil, soothes the skin of the head and moisturizes, after it the hair is silky and easily supplied to the styling. Returns the former freshness and moisture to hair and skin. Fine plant aloe vera, for hair is of special importance. After all, a nourishing conditioner with the use of aloe juice can revitalize even dry and brittle hair. As a result, the hair structure is noticeably improved, the growth is accelerated and, of course, eliminates even invisible hair loss and cuts ..
Net: 300 g
Gross: 346 g
Hair conditioner Butterfly Pea (Abhaiphubet) - 300ml.
it is Used to prevent hair loss and restore damaged hair follicles. Improves blood circulation inside hair follicles, accelerates growth of hair and prevents their loss.
Net: 300 g
Gross: 346 g
Hair conditioner Lady Fragrant hair (Abhaiphubet) - 300ml.
This air conditioner - was specially designed with 5 Thai herbs: - Wan-sao-long, Wan-hom, Eaglewood, Bai-mee, Bran, shampoo has good properties: hair conditioning and gives a wonderful spring fragrance to the hair for a long time ...
Net: 300 g
Gross: 346 g
Hair conditioner soapberry soap tree (Wangphrom) - 400ml.
Soapberry “Sapindus" of the Soap tree - Soap nuts, soap berries, natural detergent, shampoo, conditioner and conditioner with low pH, perfectly cleanses the skin and hair, reduces inflammation, dryness, peeling, antibacterial and cooling effect, heals, nourishes, softens and moisturizes, prevents hair loss, removes dandruff, makes hair soft, thick and shiny: Soap nuts have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, cooling, soothing, nourishing, moisturizing, whitening effect. Soap nuts-natural, 100% natural cleanser with low pH that does not contain chemicals, does not cause allergies, replacing shampoo, soap or any other cleanser.
Net: 400 g
Gross: 420 g
Hair conditioner with milk whey (K.SEEN) - 250ml.
Milk whey is considered a truly unique product, because its composition includes many useful substances. This is why this product has been used for many years in cosmetology and folk medicine. The use of whey will quickly and effectively solve the problem of dandruff, excessive hair loss and other problems with curls ...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 270 g
The conditioner for hair oil of Grape seeds (Nature s Series) - 250мл.
It is a unique conditioner for the care of your hair, namely, with grape seed extract, grape seed oil has the property of nutrition and hair restoration, thanks to the content of useful vitamins and trace elements. The composition of grape oil includes nine vitamins, such as: E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 and C. In addition, it contains such useful for hair micro and macro elements as: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron. The most important component, restoring the structure of hair, is linoleic acid ...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 281 g
Therapeutic conditioner for black hair Clitoris plus Herbs (Ornic) - 220ml.
Therapeutic conditioner based on extracts of Motylkovka pea (Clitoria) and extract from Brown algae is an effective remedy for balding Specially designed for natural black hair. The effect of this conditioner is to nourish hair bulbs, improve the scalp, improve the texture and internal structure of the hair. Contains saponins and carbohydrates in seeds and leaves as well as Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, Collagen and Silk Protein. A biopesticide called Finotin. Seeds contain trypsin inhibitors - an elemental remedy for alopecia ...
Net: 220 g
Gross: 240 g
Herbal conditioner for hair loss Chakram (Zeada) - 250ml.
The conditioner for black hair helps prevent hair loss, and imparts saturation to it and also nourishes the scalp. The structure includes Chakram which grows in the Mangrove forests of Thailand ...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 270 g
Herbal conditioner for hair loss with Ginkgo and Chakram (Zeada) - 250ml.
The conditioner for black hair helps prevent hair loss, and imparts saturation to it and also nourishes the scalp. The structure includes Chakram which grows in the Mangrove forests of Thailand. The vital extract of the leaves of ginkgo and Chakram deeply penetrate into the structure of the hair, restore its elasticity and prevent brittleness. Extracts of leaves of Ginkgo in the composition of a special nutritional complex have an antioxidant effect, restore the structure of the hair and protect against fading ...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 270 g
Herbal hair conditioner with extract of bark of Willow (Zeada) - 250ml.
The conditioner is created on the basis of Jojoba oil and extract from the bark of Willow, does not contain sulfates. Gently and thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp, prevents the formation of dandruff, soothes inflammation and itching, accelerates the growth of hair. The extract of the willow bark normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, improves the condition of the bulbs, strengthens and stimulates hair growth. The conditioner effectively fights against dandruff and prevents its appearance ...
Net: 250 g
Gross: 270 g
Conditioner for hair restoration with Bergamot (BSC Falles) - 180ml.
Air conditioner with bergamot extract for gentle delicate cleansing of sensitive scalp and fragile hair. Thanks to the content of unique components maintains their health and balance, provides the necessary moisturizing of hair. Essential oil of bergamot has a general strengthening and toning effect on the hair. Prevents irritation of the scalp and strengthens the hair roots ...
Net: 180 g
Gross: 240 g
Leech Lime Herbal Hair Conditioner (Khaokho Talaypu) - 200ml.
Conditiooner with Kaffir lime (makrut) tonic rich in natural substances which help fight hair loss. The high concentration of organic substances in kafir-Lima promotes deep hydration, making your stripes well groomed and soft.
Net: 200 g
Gross: 245 g
Cleansing conditioner for sensitive scalp (Smooth E) - 200ml.
ultra-soft cleansing conditioner for sensitive scalps with an LCD cleaning technology, does not contain SLS, silicones and parabens. Suitable for dry and itchy skin. Helps prevent hair loss associated with scalp sensitivity. Enriched with argan oil, sunflower Oil, D-Panthenol.
Net: 200 g
Gross: 210 g
Thanks to this particular product, the curls become moisturized, soft, silky and obedient..

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