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Intimate Care

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Desensitizing spray on herbs for men (Trarad) - 12 ml.
Spray for men prolongs the sexual intercourse and delays ejaculation 3-5 times. Suffering from ..... Premature ejaculation? Afraid of the long-term impact of the ailment on sex life with girls? This is better, the solution to your problem. A proven product (over 30 years old) made from natural herbs ...
Net: 12 g
Gross: 31 g
Talc for intimate men's hygiene (Bond) - 100g.
Talc "BOND Get Closer" protection against bacteria, acne and bad odor. It is recommended for men with sensitive and rasprodozhitelnoy skin in intimate oblosti: (in the groin and buttocks). There are two types of talc for men: Menthol cool and Calming and smooth ...
Net: 100 g
Gross: 126 g
Desensitizing lotion on herbs for men (Trarad) - 3ml.
herbal lotion for men prolong sexual intercourse and delays ejaculation 3-5 times. Suffer from ..... Premature ejaculation? Fearing the long-term impact of the disease on the sexual life of girls? It is a better solution to your problem. Proven product (for over 30 years) from natural herbs delayed ejaculation UROLOGICAL Herb male orgasm to provide prolonged enjoyment for men and their partners. Your confidence with the ladies will increase exponentially.
Net: 3 g
Gross: 9 g
Enhancing lotion on herbs for men (Trarad) - 3ml.
HERBAL lotion to increase potency – always in form. To be active in bed even after a hard day, maybe not always and not for everyone. But what if a girl wants affection, not to deprive her? And it is not always possible to predict in advance, "work" or not. In this case natural lotion herbal just need. Firstly, it is perfectly invigorates. I felt a surge of strength. Second, it enhances the desire. In 10 minutes you can come in full combat readiness. And happy girl, and you are confident in their capabilities
Net: 3 g
Gross: 9 g
Talc of active cooling Daily Fresh (SNAKE BRAND) - 150g.
Experience a new explosion of cooling energy through a triple m formula that is effective in providing a lasting feeling of coolness, protection and throughout the day the fragrance ..
Net: 150 g
Gross: 209 g
Condoms Japanese super durable GEL PLUS (Okamoto) - 2pcs.
 - a condom with a smooth surface with 2-fold lube than any other condom. It has no taste, but contains natural color lubricant. It comes with a 52 mm. In size. The advantage of this condom is that it is 2 times more lubricant, which is a special gel for lovers. 
Net: 1 g
Gross: 4 g
Condoms Japanese super strong and thin 003 (Okamoto) - 2 pcs.
innovation of the production of condoms, which is considered the most thin thickness of only 0.03 mm. It has a light and transparent texture, and is supplied with lubricant. Okamoto was trying to create a latex rubber, which is thin, durable and withstand all activities. This is a big problem, but in the end, Zero Zero Three 0.03 Thai Edition was successfully made. You want to use a condom, but you don't like the feeling that you don't completely feel partner? If “Yes” is your answer, try this-a must!.
Net: 1 g
Gross: 4 g
Condoms Japanese super strong Dot De Cool (Okamoto) - 2pcs.
with a rough surface and more than 1350 knots covers with a cooling agent that helps with premature ejaculation. It is suitable for those who need new adventures and excitement for their activities with more than 1350 knots to stimulate the mood for each pair. It comes with 52 mm. In size with lubricant and coolant to prolong the period of sexual activity.
Net: 1 g
Gross: 4 g
Condoms Japanese super strong SUPREMA LITE (Okamoto) - 2pcs.
a condom with a smooth surface with a lubricant, but has no taste. It has a natural color with a size of 49 mm. the Advantage of this condom is that the tip of the condom is suitable for men person in 49 millimeters thinner than any other size condom on the market. Couples can be confident in the quality of the condom that it is easier and tight fit for an unforgettable experience
Net: 1 g
Gross: 4 g
Condoms Japanese super strong with aroma of a strawberry (Okamoto) - 2 pcs.
   Okamoto. is a company from Japan, which was founded in 1934. It is a lot of years and has already established itself as a leading manufacturer of best condoms. Around the world know that the company has been producing condoms and other rubber products. Okamoto is one of the firs..
Net: 1 g
Gross: 4 g
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