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Skin around the eyes

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Eye Contour Cream 3in1 Gold Perfect (SmoothE) - 15ml.
This cream is the perfect solution for the skin around the eye is three in one cream: Wrinkles under eyes, Dark circles, Puffiness - cream, triple results in an extremely topical for solving these three problems at once. And cosmetic laboratory treatment-proven effective for both types of dark circles around the eyes.  Struggling with melasma and dark circles (blemishes) under the eyes .
Net: 15 g
Gross: 59 g
Bio gel for face Collagen (BioWoman) - 30ml.
Bio Collagen gel, enriched with Collagen moisturizes and regenerates the skin, promoting the production of new, healthy cells. Smoothes wrinkles and prevents new ones. Provides support structures to give skin vital energy and elasticity. Apply on cleansed face 2 times a day or as a base for cream or mask...
Net: 30 g
Gross: 101 g
Gel for the skin around the eyes Cucumber (Boots) - 15ml.
Cucumber eye gel consists of extract soothing cucumber and vitamins, this gel is easily absorbed to cool, refresh reduce puffiness and lightly hydrate the delicate eye area. Suitable for all skin types
Net: 15 g
Gross: 21 g
Sun protection cream for face and body SPF50 + (SpectraBAN) - 10ml.
The cream helps to stop aging and prevent the appearance of pigment spots and darkening of melanin. Protect your skin from harmful rays, UVA 40 and UVB are 50 times stronger. A mixture of finely dispersed zinc oxide 10% coated dimethicone makes the cream can be distributed over the face. Protection from radiation with an additional ingredient of the third kind, gentle to the skin. Helps absorb and dissipate UV radiation as effectively. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals. fragrance Does not cause skin irritation and allergies
Net: 10 g
Gross: 17 g
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