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Soap in the wisp of tow Lakocha (P.S. Beauty) - 100g.
SPA soap with a washcloth and natural. High-quality natural ingredients Extract from the core of mahad we are developing a choice, as well. Mahad is a natural herbal soap to cleanse the skin, reduces stains and dark spots ...
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
Natural SPA soap in a washcloth 7 herbs "Collagen & Q10" (Isika) - 70g.
Natural soap with plant ingredients and a cooling formula is designed for deep cleansing and nourishing the skin. Soap gives the skin softness and healthy color, moisturizes and cools the skin. Cooling formula energizes and tones up ...
Net: 105 g
Gross: 70 g
Natural spa soap in a wisp of tow Tamarind and butter rice seedlings (SUPAPORN) - 70g.
Soap perfectly moisturizes, fights with pustules and inflammation, reduces itching, makes the acne scars invisible, eliminates the dull skin color. Feel the refresh and unsurpassed, silky softness of the skin ....
Net: 105 g
Gross: 70 g
Clear Spots Herbal Soap (Madame Hang) -  250g.
the Effective formula of this soap includes a complex of amino acids, arbutin, vitamins E and C, natural plant extracts. With regular use of soap makes it less visible dark spots, marks from acne
Net: 250 g
Gross: 252 g
Soap with tamarind and oil of rice sprouts (Supaporn) -100g.
Оригинальная формула на основе экстрактов лечебных трав, тамаринда и масла ростков риса «Supaporn Thai Herbal Soap» - натуральное антибактериальное мыло без синтетических добавок. Мыло нежно очищает кожу, обновляет ее и отбеливает, делая кожу светящейся и здоровой. Тамаринд успокаивает раздраженную кожу и лечит воспалительный процессы, так как обладает антисептическим свойством и богат витамином С..
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
Cleansing Detox soap with bamboo charcoal in the wisp of tow (P.S. Beauty) - 100 g.
SPA soap with a washcloth and natural bamboo charcoal. Organic face soap from the famous Thai brand P.S. BEAUTY - Perfectly cleans problem and combined face skin from dirt, cleans and tightens pores, smooths the color and texture of the face. Thanks to the antibacterial effect it eliminates the multiplication of bacteria on the skin, thereby reducing the likelihood of new acne, spots and eruptions ...
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
Natural pineapple soap in a washcloth (P.S. Beauty) - 100g.
The unique organic soap PINEAPPLE SOAP SPA is designed for deep cleansing and skin renewal. It contains coconut oil, pineapple extract and AHA-acid....
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
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