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Soap medical bamboo charcoal detox (NARDA) - 100g.
Designed for effective cleansing and rejuvenating skin soap with bamboo charcoal affects the skin in several directions, effectively refreshing and toning them. Has a pleasant, unobtrusive scent.

Gross: 100 g
Natural spa soap in a wisp of tow mangosteen oil and sprouts Rice (SUPAPORN) - 70g.
Natural soap with plant ingredients is designed for deep cleansing and nourishing of the skin, prone to fat and the appearance of acne. Suitable for face and body washing. Soap regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, removes greasy gloss, dries pimples and inflammation. Effective for fighting and preventing acne. Soap in the SPA series comes in a special bag - a natural loofah washcloth ...
Net: 105 g
Gross: 70 g
Soap Facial acne (Madam Heng) - 140gr.
Soap Madame Heng original formula based on extracts of medicinal herbs will become Your favorite tool for the care of problematic skin. Soap gently cleanses, relieves irritation and inflammation, leaves skin clean, soft, bright and healthy looking. Helps to restore the normal structure of the skin, relieves acne and rashes. The product contains chamomile, tea tree and camphor.
Net: 140 g
Gross: 146 g
Soap for the face - treatment Acne (Stiefel) - 100g.
Soap for cleansing oily skin with acne and acne treatment. Care with this soap is a balanced combination of gentle degreasing of the face ..
Net: 100 g
Gross: 108 g
Soap lightening for the face REPAIR (ROJUKISS) - 15g.
Rojukiss / White Poreless ADVANCED REPAIR SOAP     - Cold extraction technology of Nano Gluta 15000 mg, Pro vitamin C, vitamin A, B1, B3, E, Micro Q10 to Promote healthy and vibrant skin Acne macrocontrol Perfect poreless complex. Rojukiss Poreless White Advanced Repair soap 15g..
Net: 15 g
Gross: 24 g
Soap with extract of mucin snail SNAIL PORELESS (ROJUKISS) - 15g.
Soap with extract of mucin cochlea, gold and collagen. Snail mucin - has rejuvenating and healing properties. Suitable for the care of any type of skin, providing all the necessary nutrients. Mucin snails accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, smoothing the skin's relief, restores the skin elasticity. Also, the snail extract helps to cope with pigment spots, significantly brightening them and reducing their size ...
Net: 15 g
Gross: 24 g
Collagen soap (Madame Heng) - 80g.
An exceptionally effective mild soap formula normalizes the pH balance of the skin. Hydrolyzed collagen contained in the composition provides additional nutrition, significantly improves the texture of the skin, tightens, softens and smoothes it. Deep-sea brown seaweed, which are part of this soap, play the role of abrasive, they very gently and gently remove impurities from the surface of the skin, exfoliating the dead cells ...
Net: 80 g
Gross: 92 g
Herbal soap leveling skin tone with arbutin (Madame Hang) - 50gr.
An effective formula for the composition of this soap includes a complex of amino acids, arbutin, vitamins E and C, natural extracts of plants. With regular use of soap makes pigment spots less visible, traces of acne ..
Net: 50 g
Gross: 53 g
Organic coconut soap against Acne (Nature) - 100g.
Coconut soap is really suitable for people with sensitive skin, with a chronic Acne rash, soap reduces irritation of skin rashes. Soap to fight with bacteria that cause acne and restore damaged tissue so you can return to normal life ...
Net: 100 g
Gross: 108 g
Soap "Collagen Blue Ozean" (Madame Heng) - 80g.
Soap with extracts of marine algae eliminates loss of moisture to Mature skin, smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, tightens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Smoothes the seams of the plastic surgery that tightens pores, smoothes scars
Net: 80 g
Gross: 87 g
Soap Ozzy for deep cleaning of problem skin (Madame Hange) - 50g.
The composition of the unique formula (secret formula "Ozzy") of this soap includes a complex of strong antibacterial oils, including tea tree oil, so that the soap has a strong antiseptic and bactericidal effect. This soap does not cause skin irritation. The combination of glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, with the extract of the willow bark helps reduce the traces of acne and deep cleansing of the pores.
Net: 50 g
Gross: 53 g
Thai anti-cellulite soap (K.Brothers) - 35 g.
Natural ingredients of Thai soap against cellulite part of the extract of tropical plants "Pueraria Mirifica", which grows only in Thailand. The plant Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria Mirifica) grows only in South-East Asia, Northern and Western regions of Thailand. There was already many centuries used as an effective anti-aging agent, able for a short time to restore skin elasticity, healthy color, to make it smooth and beautiful.
Net: 35 g
Gross: 35 g
Soap - deodorant antibacterial (Madame Heng) - 150g.
Aromatic antibacterial soap-deodorant Madame Henge. Preserves a sense of freshness and fresh fragrance for a long time. Ideal for people suffering from excessive perspiration, eliminates the unpleasant smell of the soles of the feet ...
Net: 150 g
Gross: 157 g
Extra delicate soap with lanolin and Vitamin E (Madame Heng) - 80g.
Soap has a very pleasant aroma and soft foam. High quality lanolin of high purity softens the skin, moisturizes and is quickly absorbed from the surface into the deeper layers without leaving a greasy residue. Penetrating deep into the skin, lanolin not only nourishes the skin but also prevents its loss for a long time. Lanolin allows you to make the skin soft and elastic, and significantly enhances the regeneration of new cells and activates the production of collagen....
Net: 80 g
Gross: 84 g
Hyaluronic soap HYALOE (Madame Heng) - 100g.
Natural soap with hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera and lipoproteins gently cleanses, rejuvenates and heals the skin. Healing ingredients provide the perfect balance for healthy skin.
Net: 100 g
Gross: 116 g
Cleansing Detox soap with bamboo charcoal in the wisp of tow (P.S. Beauty) - 100 g.
SPA soap with a washcloth and natural bamboo charcoal. Organic face soap from the famous Thai brand P.S. BEAUTY - Perfectly cleans problem and combined face skin from dirt, cleans and tightens pores, smooths the color and texture of the face. Thanks to the antibacterial effect it eliminates the multiplication of bacteria on the skin, thereby reducing the likelihood of new acne, spots and eruptions ...
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
Gift aromatherapy soap Gold Bullion 2 * 250 (Madame Henge) - 500g.
This soap, consisting only of natural ingredients, does not dry the skin, but on the contrary - nourishes and moisturizes. It not only gently cleanses the skin, eliminates irritation and inflammation, but also prevents acne and black spots. The soap forms a soft, thick, fragrant foam that can not be obtained using soap made from artificial ingredients ...
Net: 500 g
Gross: 582 g
Natural Soap Collagen & C (Madame Heng) - 150g.
This soap, consisting only of natural ingredients, does not dry the skin, but on the contrary - nourishes and moisturizes. It not only gently cleanses the skin, eliminates irritation and inflammation ...
Net: 150 g
Gross: 153 g
Soap for a person from Acne (Dr. Montri) - 70g.
A great anti-aging face soap. Montri Acne and Freckle Soap is certified by the Ministry of Health of Thailand. This soap provides a deep and effective cleansing of the skin. It has excellent antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Helps to eliminate inflammation and allergic reactions on the face ...
Net: 70 g
Gross: 76 g
Soap for problem skin deep cleansing Ozzy ACNE (Madame Hange) - 250g.
the unique formula of this soap includes the complex of strong antibacterial oils including tea tree oil, making soap has strong antiseptic and antibacterial action.
Net: 250 g
Gross: 255 g
Soap with extract of bird's nest (Swallow Gold) - 60gr
For the body's regeneration,renewal and skin lightening. Intensive essence that is included in the soap moisturizes the skin, cleans and softens, brightens and removes signs of fatigue and aging. The main ingredient – bird's nest extract (500ppm), a unique waste product of the swallows, one of the precious and expensive ingredients in cosmetics. Swallows build their nests out of production by sea – algae, fry, and eggs, using as a "cement" your own saliva. Swallow's nest is a complex of various minerals . This combination of components has a powerful effect on the skin: improves skin immunity, strengthens the protective force, has a rejuvenating effect.
Net: 60 g
Gross: 60 g
Traditional Thai soap from acacia (Thai Derm) - 100g.
In order for the skin surface to be clean and smooth, without acne on the face and rashes on the back, Thais use soap with natural herbs with special properties ..
- 23%
$3.00 $2.30
Net: 100 g
Gross: 113 g
Traditional Thai soap with herbs for the body (Thai Derm) - 100g.
A natural traditional Thai soap on herbs, cleans from bacteria and jagged pores of face and body, which cause an unpleasant odor of sweat ....
Net: 100 g
Gross: 113 g
Natural pineapple soap in a washcloth (P.S. Beauty) - 100g.
The unique organic soap PINEAPPLE SOAP SPA is designed for deep cleansing and skin renewal. It contains coconut oil, pineapple extract and AHA-acid....
Net: 100 g
Gross: 102 g
Deodorant soaps new generation (Madame Heng) - 105g.
Deodorant natural soap with unusual granular surface on the basis of Chamomile extracts and vitamin E - a special formula of MADAME HENG company.
Net: 105 g
Gross: 111 g
Antibacterial soap Green tea in a gift box (Madame Heng) - 120g.
Antibacterial soap with an extract of green tea, rich in antioxidants, refreshes and revitalizes the skin, neutralizing free radicals. Beautiful festive packaging and large packaging, which will last for a long time and unique therapeutic properties make this soap a universal gift - both to oneself and loved ones ...
Net: 120 g
Gross: 122 g
Soap fruit therapeutic moisturizing (Phutawan) - 120g.
Fragrant soap designed to effectively cleanse and rejuvenate skin soap with different extracts for any sophisticated taste, Soap affects the skin in several directions, effectively refreshing and toning them. Has a pleasant aroma.
Net: 120 g
Gross: 129 g
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