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Relaxing Foot deodorant Galanga (ABHAIBHUBEJHR) - 120ml.
Natural deodorant, based on the Extract of Alpina Galang, increases blood circulation in the legs, and also has a pleasant floral grassy aroma, due to the high concentration of essential oils, flavonoids, minerals, and sugars, root extract galanga possesses powerful stimulating properties and ability to neutralize free radicals. In the complex a special combination of galangi and antioxidant helps activate the vital energy of the skin of your feet.
Net: 120 g
Gross: 138 g
Natural Deodorant Spray Body (FOCAL) - 120ml.
A natural deodorant in the composition with mineral salt that helps reduce sweating and suppresses the growth of bacteria to create you a sense of comfort and without the unpleasant odor for the whole day. Deodorant contains a formula for a slight lightening of the skin and a soothing ingredient for comfort. Does not contain alcohol additives. Hypoallergenic and composed of all natural ingredients ...
Net: 120 g
Gross: 145 g
Mineral Water Facial Spray Cooling Mist (SMOOTH-E) - 60ml.
Moisturizes and tones the skin. The composition of natural mineral water. Good tones in the skin after removing makeup on the face. Restores tone to the skin. Has a nice cooling effect. With constant daily use tightens pores on the face. Balanced pH (acid/alkaline balance close to natural .Effectively makes the skin incredibly soft, smooth skin.
Net: 60 g
Gross: 85 g
Deodorant roller natural body (FOCAL) - 60ml.
Natural deodorant composed of mineral salts that help reduce perspiration and inhibit the growth of bacteria to create you a feeling of comfort and no unpleasant smell for the whole day. The deodorant contains the formula for minor skin lightening and softening ingredient for comfort. Does not contain alcohol additives. Hypoallergenic and composed of all natural ingredients..
Net: 60 g
Gross: 82 g
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