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Bombs and Salts

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Bombs for bath with natural aromatic oils (Saboo) - 150g.
SPA effervescent bomb with natural aroma oils from SABOO THAILAND. A natural bath bomb is intertwined with a pure sweet almond extract and natural vitamin E that moisturize and soothe the skin while you relax: immerse yourself in the realm of bliss and relaxation ...
Net: 150 g
Gross: 150 g
Detox Therapy Bath Bomb (Phutawan) - 240g.
Why take a bath for detoxification with a bomb for a bath with Extract of bamboo Charcoal? Detox bath – is nothing more than your usual bath, but is filled with many healthy ingredients that will give you extra cleansing and health. If your normal bath you use regular products that are bought in the shop – bubble bath, and shower gel, detox bath, you'll use the bomb DETOX from natural ingredients that naturally heals the body and soul
Net: 240 g
Gross: 245 g

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