Soap from the rubber tree with Stand 105 mm


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1. Air Small packet (± 10 days) 2. Normal (±14-30 days) 3. EMS (5-12 days).

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Short description

Soap dish from the rubber tree is very beautiful and natural design, this soap dish in your bath to bring your bathroom even more to nature, and will help you to enjoy SPA treatments

 Dish is carved from a one piece rubber tree
it has a stand on the bottom in the form of a square protrusion,
and has a width 105mm and height 30mm


Soap dish from kyuchukova tree very beautiful and natural design, this soap dish in your bath to bring your bathroom even more to nature, and will help you to enjoy SPA treatments.

Main advantages:

• Beautiful and durable design .

• Waterproof .

• square base(ledge) at the bottom of the stand strengthens the Foundation and stabilizes a bar of soap at any sink. 



- 100% rubber tree.

Net and packing

- 97 gr. Sold in bubble film packaging.

English name

- the Soap from the rubber tree with Stand - 105mm.


- Place it in your tub and put the soap inside.



• In order to long-lasting use, do not forget the dish soap wash and velevety no longer water.



• OTOP, Thailand.


 One Tambon One Product:

• (transl. from eng. "One Region, One Product") — certification, implemented since 2001 by the Thai government, aimed at improving the quality of goods. As an example, was taken by a similar program held in Japan. For unbeatable quality products are annually awarded OTOP sign with five stars.



In our store you can buy a choice of SPA soap:

• Spa Soap made entirely from natural ingredients with natural essential oils.

Main characteristics
Type of product Soap Dish;Souvenir
Treatment characteristics
Age category 6 years and older
Additional characteristics
gross 97g.

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